5-day online course

PG Certificate in Supervision

Validated by NCS

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This course is aimed at...

  • Supervisors setting up in practice – develop the skillset to achieve your supervision goals

  • Current supervisors - enhance your learning 

  • Experienced supervisors - refresh your skills and knowledge 

Entry requirements 
Applicants must be qualified practitioners in a helping profession; for example, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, healthcare or social workers.



Become an accredited,

qualified supervisor

Learning goals

  • Explore approaches to supervision

  • Discuss the theory and concepts for supervision, specifically focussing on Hawkins & Shoet (2012) 7-eyed model

  • Consider ethics and how they fit with your style of supervision

  • Learn how to grow your supervision practice 

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Course structure

  • A practical hands-on course with a good mix of theory & practice

  • Delivered using the Zoom platform 

  • The morning of each day will include teaching of theory and concepts followed by practice sessions in smaller groups in the afternoon

  • Reflection on learning is a key component of this course and is included throughout the day

Course overview

Day 1 - Focus on the Client

Learn how focussing on the client, and how they present in session, can be an effective way of encouraging supervisees to experience the therapeutic relationship from the perspective of the client.

Day 2 - Focus on Interventions

Discuss examples of interventions supervisees use with clients and alternative choices to consider.
Day 3 - Focus on the Client-Therapist Relationship

Gain perspective on the therapeutic relationship and consider the needs and expectations of both client and therapist and how that impacts on the support offered.
Day 4 - Focus on the Therapeutic Process

Reflect on your own process when supporting others. Awareness of your process can offer invaluable insight and provides an opportunity to learn much about the client, your supervisee and you.
Day 5 - Focus on Therapist-Supervisor Relationship

Consider the impact of parallel process between the client and therapist and the effect this can have on the supervisee/supervisor relationship.  Discuss the wider context in which a supervisee works, i.e. their organisational culture and how this may influence their supporting style.

“Christine’s gentle approach when facilitating our group has enabled me to find new ways of working with my clients I would not otherwise have considered.  I really enjoy group supervision because it gives me access to a community of therapists I would not necessarily have met otherwise.”

Jane, Plymouth

“Thanks Christine - I really enjoyed the webinar session on Grief and Loss this afternoon. Loved your delivery style and the examples used which I will reflect on, particularly those around culture and customs. You made a difference to me today, which will hopefully translate into me making a difference to my staff, who will in turn have a positive impact on the young people we support.”

Claire, Birmingham

“Thank you so much for today - that was a brilliant online training session.  I was really impressed with the way you were able to engage participants and the quality of the training resources etc.” 

Helen, Swansea