Counselling offers you the oportunity to explore and find solutions to personal difficulties in a safe and confidential space.  


How does it work?

There are many reasons why counselling would work for you, for instance;


You may feel like something is wrong but you can’t             quite define what it is.


You might find yourself acting in ways that you don’t           understand and can’t seem to change despite your best efforts.


It could be you believe your life is not quite where you would like it to be and trying to find solutions with the help of family and friends, yet still feeling stuck or misunderstood.


Talking to a counsellor in a safe and supportive environment can help untangle your thoughts and give clarity to situations or past events that cause you distress.

"Christine really helped me during a very difficult transition in my life. Because of the work we did together, I am now better able to deal with any new challenges that come along."  Ms X, Hontion

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